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SImotus gabinet integracji sensorycznej we Wrocławiu | Terapia SI Wrocław

Child Development Center

We are a team of certified therapists with a wide range of specialties. We have extensive pedagogical experience, which further enhances our approach to working with both the youngest patients and those who are a bit older.

Services at Simotus in English

Sensory Integration Wroclaw

Sensory Integration

Sensory integration is the ability to perceive and select stimuli through the senses, process them appropriately by the brain, and provide adequate responses to them. However, sensory integration is not only about properly modulating incoming stimuli but also involves aspects such as emotional and behavioral adaptation to them, attention concentration, movement, muscle tension, and correct body posture. Sensory integration will also influence school-related abilities, reading and writing skills.

Psychomotor Skills

Empowerment Psychomotor Therapy is a form of therapy that helps children with sensory processing disorders, coordination and concentration issues, movement planning, and self-esteem problems. Children learn to make healthy use of their sense of touch, sight, hearing, smell, and taste. In empowerment psychomotor therapy, participants learn sensory and movement integration, explore their bodies and their capabilities, and build self-confidence based on achievements and belief in their own abilities.

About Us

Your children are placed under the care of a team of certified therapists. Our competencies are confirmed by numerous certificates, diplomas, and credentials from the universities and courses we have completed.

In building relationships with our clients, which translates into more effective sessions, our rich pedagogical experience plays a significant role. Over the years, we have worked as teachers leading groups and as management staff in educational institutions.

We encourage you to get to know more about our expertise in sensory integration, hand therapy, or even psychomotor skills.

ATTENTION! Enrollment for psychomotor skills groups is currently open

We are the only ones in Wroclaw offering psychomotor skills classes. These classes are recommended for children who:

  • Struggle with various motor activities
  • Exhibit tactile hypersensitivity or hyposensitivity
  • Have communication difficulties
  • Find it challenging to master reading, writing, and arithmetic

Classes are conducted in groups of 3 individuals. We launch a new group as soon as the entire roster is filled.


Sensory Integration in Wroclaw

900 PLN | Diagnosis with a written opinion

200 PLN | Sensory Integration Therapy in English 45 min. + 5 min. consultation

250 PLN | Issuing an opinion in English

Psychomotor skills

100 PLN | Per person in a group of 3 individuals, 45 minutes.

Parent/Guardian Corner

FREE | Coffee while waiting for your child
FREE | WiFi access
FREE | Access to the library

Sensory Integration Wroclaw

Sensory Integration in Wroclaw

Entrance to the office

The Simotus office is located on the fourth floor of the Manhattan building at 7 Rybacka Street. The entrance is across from the bus terminal, through the gate at Rybacka 9. Simply enter the gate, then take the first door on the right after a few steps, and you will find an elevator.

Sensory Integration in Wroclaw


We encourage you to contact us to discuss the details. We want to assure you that if we are unable to answer the phone, we will always call you back. However, the most optimal form of contact due to the nature of our office’s work is direct email communication to the address below or by using the contact form.

Tel. +48 723 855 111


The reception desk is open from Monday to Friday, from 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM.

Sessions are conducted from Mon to Sat, from 7:30 AM to 8:00 PM.

What is sensory integration?

Sensory integration is a process in which different sensory systems work together through feedback and coordination. It is a form of interaction between the senses, i.e., how they collaborate to process and understand what is being experienced. While both children with special needs and those without such needs can experience sensory processing issues, it can manifest in various ways depending on factors such as age, developmental level, environment, culture, and genetics.

Who is sensory integration for in Wroclaw?

Primarily for diagnosed patients. We emphasize this at every step. In our professional practice, we have encountered cases where we worked with children without diagnoses in therapy. However, it’s essential to remember that there is no therapy without a diagnosis. This is obvious because how can we treat our patient if we don’t know what we should really do, in what scope to help?

With this clarity in mind, we can specify more precisely who sensory integration is for. SI therapy has no special restrictions and is essentially for all children who feel “too” overly active, not active enough, too calm, or too loud, oversensitive to various factors, etc. Of course, no “too” or “too much” is bad, but it can hinder functioning. That’s why we talk about individuals who feel “too much” with their situation. Secondly, children referred to us by other specialists. Diagnosing or ruling out sensory integration disorders can significantly support other ongoing therapies and a child’s functioning in an educational setting. Thirdly, all children who have problems with planning their movement. This includes things like a reluctance to move, a lack of bicycle-riding skills, or “bumping” into walls or furniture.

So, if you are interested in sensory integration in Wroclaw, please feel free to contact us. However, Simotus as a child development center also offers hand therapy, psychomotor therapy, and speech therapy sessions.