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Sensory Integration – photo gallery from the SImotus Sensory Integration Office

In our Sensory Integration office at SImotus, we create a space dedicated to supporting and developing the potential of children and adults facing various challenges related to sensory perception. Our mission is to provide comprehensive and professional care while fostering a friendly atmosphere in which our patients can safely explore their sensory world.

Why choose SImotus Child Development Center?

1. Experienced and Qualified Sensory Integration Therapeutic Team:

Our team of therapists is a cohesive, experienced, and certified group of specialists in the field of sensory integration. With rich experience and continuous skill refinement, we can tailor therapies to the individual needs of each patient.

2. Individual Approach:

We believe that every person is unique, which is why our therapists work with each patient individually, taking into account their unique characteristics and needs. We aim to understand and support in the most appropriate way.

3. Sensory Integration and Customized Therapeutic Programs:

We employ advanced therapeutic techniques and methods to develop a personalized therapeutic program for each patient. Our goal is to support development and make progress in sensory, social, and motor areas.

4. Sensory Integration and a Friendly, Stimulating Environment:

Our space is carefully designed to create a friendly and stimulating atmosphere for sensory development. Children and adults will feel comfortable here, and therapies will take place in a pleasant and safe atmosphere.

5. Involvement of Parents and Caregivers:

We believe that the support of parents and caregivers is crucial for the success of therapy. Therefore, we engage parents in the therapeutic process, providing advice and guidance that can be continued at home, thus supporting sensory development beyond the therapy room.

6. Continuous Progress and Assessment:

We monitor the progress of each patient and regularly assess the effectiveness of therapy. This allows us to adjust therapeutic programs as needed to ensure the best results. Sensory integration is measurable.

7. Care for Comfort and Safety:

We prioritize the comfort and safety of our patients. We ensure that therapies take place at a friendly and understandable pace, tailored to individual needs and abilities.

We warmly welcome you to the SImotus Child Development Center, where we can explore and develop the sensory potential of your child or yourself together. Our team is ready to take on the challenge and support you on this extraordinary path of development.